Save story incrementally

Save story incrementally

A learning story has an auto save feature that saves a story every 30 seconds.  The last time a story was saved is displayed below the text input box in blue.

auto save

If you would like to save your story incrementally you may use the save button in the toolbar for the text entry area as indicated in the image below.  When this button is clicked it will save what has been typed or added to this area.  When the save has been successful you will see an updated time and date in a blue information bar.

save button

If the save fails an alert box will be shown.

When you click ‘OK’ the alert box will disappear and an alert will be shown below the text box to indicate that save has failed.

save failed

At this point to ensure you do not lose any work you could select all of the contents, copy and paste it into another program such as a Word document or notepad.  You may continue to attempt to save your story until your internet connection re-establishes itself.

NOTE: One Child needs an internet connection to save your information.  If you are experiencing difficulties with your internet connection you may need to contact your internet provider.

When a story is completed it still needs to be published using the publish or re-publish buttons.

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