3 Useful Covid-19 Resources for Children, Parents and Carers

April 16|Uncategorised|

Covid-19 has certainly changed things in education and child care during 2020.  Queensland Education have produced some great resources to help explain about the Coronavirus and support children / parent / carers during this difficult time. Here are a number of resources we think are particularly [...]

7 steps to better documentation

October 13|Documentation Ideas|

We have collated 7 documentation ‘standards’ which we believe will help improve practice for centres struggling with their documentation. 1. Is one sentence enough? Write complete sentences that describe a thought, observation or action.  One sentence observations or reflections generally lack substance and leave the reader [...]

What makes a great early childhood educator?

October 12|Ideas|

Here are a couple of ideas of what makes a great early childhood educator.  While there are other attributes we thought that these were quite poetic and represented some of the great qualities that many educators collectively possess. Please share this short video with other educators [...]

3 Educational Easter Themed Apps for Children

April 10|Ideas|

For many children Easter is a time of excitement and anticipation of chocolaty surprises delivered by the Easter Bunny. Traditional Easter activities usually include egg painting and Easter bonnets but we have embraced the new digital era of Easter activities. We have sourced 3 educational Easter [...]

Harmony Day Activities for Early Childhood Care

March 16|Ideas|

Harmony day is a celebration of cultural diversity and is held on the 21st of March every year. The message for harmony day is ‘everybody belongs’ and aims to promote respect for cultural and religious diversity throughout Australia. Orange is the representative colour of harmony day [...]

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