Teacher with students doing homeworkThis is a planning example for an OSHC centre which has a homework group.

The educator responsible for the homework group has completed a support plan for a child (Josh) who is expected to attend homework group but is not very productive as he is easily distracted by others.

The educator has recognised there is an opportunity to provide support to Josh. A support plan for Josh is created to assist him to achieve specific NQF outcomes and his homework.

Observations can be completed to show progress in attaining achievements for the selected NQF and provide evidence for the success of the plan.

Plan Type

Support Plan


  • To develop autonomy when in the library while completing set homework tasks.
  • To develop commitment to attend the library on specified days at a set time.
  • To develop the persistence to complete set tasks to the best of his ability.

NQF Outcomes

1.2 Children develop their autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency.

4.1 Children develop dispositions such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.

Activity Description

I have noticed that Josh is distracted easily in homework group by other children and he is not completing his homework.

He is sometimes reluctant to attend and thus arrives late.

I will provide more consistent supervision and support to Josh to keep him on task.

I will find him a quite area where he can focus on the task of completing his homework.

Josh will be able to leave as soon as he has completed his homework, to play, to encourage him to be responsible for his time.

I will record progress through observation and change strategies if required.

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