We have collected 10 fun activities to inspire educators and to include in their programming leading up to Halloween on the 31st of October.  Each activity can be selected and modified to develop learning specific to the age group of the children involved.  We have plenty more clever ideas pinned on our Pinterest page if you are searching for something specific.

1 Paper Strips Halloween Pumpkin

Develop cutting skills with scissors for preschool age children by making this paper pumpkin.

Paper Jack-o-lantern made from paper strips


2. Hand and foot painting

Make spooky Halloween inspired works of art with hand and foot prints.

Source: Unknown.

3. Cardboard tube spiders for Halloween

Cute easy to make spiders from cardboard rolls and pipe cleaners.


4. Fluffy Pumpkin Slime

Everyone loves slime and here is a pretty easy recipe to make some pumpkin inspired goop.

pumpkin coloured slime in a jar


5. Mummy Kids

A cut and paste activity for preschoolers.

chidrens faces with strips of paper to make a mummy appearance


6. Straw Skeletons

Make a skeleton from straws or cotton buds (q-tips).

skelton made of straws on paper


q-tip skeleton on black paper


7. Pumpkin apple stamps

Use a cut apple to make a stamp and paint in the details.

apple used as a stamp to make orange pumpkin images


8. Puffy Ghosts

Glue and cotton balls, what could be more fun than that to create a super soft friendly ghost.


9. Articulated Hand

Something for the older kids at OSHC by making a movable hand with straws and string. This requires a little bit of persistence and finger dexterity.



10. Zombie Leaf Art

Any kind of leaf will do to create scary leaf monsters.

leaf art monsters



For more inspiring ideas on fun Halloween activities, take a look at our Pinterest page.

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