The Kinderloop alternative

Want to know how One Child stacks up against Kinderloop? We’ve put together some compelling reasons why One Child could be the best option for you and a great alternative to Kinderloop.

There is no argument that using an online digital documentation program is a great way to record all your centre’s program planning, observations and reflections. It is also a very convenient way to share some information with parents and build community while getting feedback to help extend your program.

Both Kinderloop and One Child cover the above essentials. So why choose One Child over Kinderloop?

Here are a couple of things that we think sets us apart from Kinderloop.


We think that our pricing is the least complicated and represents great value for all child care providers. See our pricing for your centre.

Our paid plan gives full access to our entire suite of tools and is an uncomplicated flat rate. This makes it simple for a centre to know what their cost is up front. Kinderloop charges $1 per child per month which can become quite costly.

Example*: A small centre with 75 enrollments could save more than $350 annually by using One Child.

* calculated on $1 per enrolled child per month as outlined on the Kinderloop website. This comparison example does not include any discounts or pricing structures not advertised by Kinderloop on their website.


Educational Threads™

One Child has a unique system we call Threads™, which enables educators to link observations\learning stories to planning and then see a visual representation of the learning progression in the current observation.
Threads™ also provides a convenient way to navigate between linked documents which can be particularly useful during centre reviews or assessment and ratings.

Threads show the linking of plans and observations


Saving time and reducing the workload of educators in relation to documentation was the inspiration for our templating feature. Templates enable educators to create a planned activity and save it as a template to share and reuse throughout your centre, time and time again.
It is a great way to reduce duplication of data entry and enable an educator to create a documented planned activity, in a fraction of the time it would take to create a new plan.

Framework Statistics

Among a number of statistics and charts which can be drawn from One Child our framework overview provides a unique visual representation of the overall achievement of curriculum outcomes for a centre and all the enrolled children.
This single chart can assist in providing insightful feedback to highlight areas of achievement and give lead educators the ability to make informed decisions on future programming direction.

One Child has many more features and the best way to discover the benefits of our online documentation system is to sign up for a free trial now and see for yourself.

Note: This article provides opinion based information in our comparison between Kinderloop and One Child. While there are many similarities with each product the highlighted examples outlined here draw attention to the features One Child provides which are distinct from Kinderloop, current at 22/2/2019.