Teacher Helping Elementary Scool Pupil To Use Digital TabletSome educators find documentation to be a laborious process and have difficulty getting motivated to do it. There could be any number of reasons why, but no matter the reason, good documentation is a necessary part of the duties of educators. Here are 8 ways to help motivate educators to complete documentation.

Lead by example

The business acumen ‘lead from the front’ can be applied here. If you as the educational leader or co-ordinator are seen documenting it becomes easier to push the agenda of improving the quality and quantity of documentation.

Professional development / training education

Some educators have not been taught or do not feel confident with what and how to document. Providing professional development by way of training is a great way to show what is required and to set expectations.


A little friendly competition can motivate some people to do more. It is a delicate balancing act however as some people become discouraged by competition. A relaxed approach and providing support can be a good strategy.


Providing a reward is a powerful motivator. A worker of the month award is used in some big companies to provide recognition and shine the spotlight on good work. Using a formula which is not just based on volume but also on quality or averages of total work may be a useful method of giving credit and also to improve output.

Individual Development Plan

Linking documentation to an individual development plan over the course of a year may allow for minimum targets to be set. While many may object to setting a goal with a number attached, it provides a target and can be used to good effect to help develop good documentation habits to meet a set objective.

Paid Time

“There is not enough paid time to document” can often be used as the excuse needed to not document at all. If a paid block of time was given to everyone to produce some kind of documentation it would negate this common problem.

Share with parents

Getting positive feedback from others can be a great motivator. Sharing a child’s achievements with parents, in a written format highlights the good work which is put into programming. This can be used as a conduit to open conversations around a child’s interests and development needs to augment programming. This is also beneficial in building community relationships.

Easy Documentation Processes

A well organised and structured documentation system which is user friendly will reduce time and improve educator output. Having too many forms which are repetitive and convoluted will create a feeling of frustration and will reduce the desire to document. Online documentation systems such as One Child provide a structured system which is easy to use and requires minimal effort to complete routine documentation.

What are the blockers in your centre which stops you and / or your staff from documenting?

One Child teacher with a child

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