10 Easy St Patrick’s Day Activities for Early Childhood Centres

March 10|Ideas|

St Patrick's day is on March 17 so we have pulled together 10 easy programming ideas to help celebrate the day. While this is a religious celebration of the death of St Patrick there are a number of non religious icons which are associated with the [...]

Capable and Competent: a foundation for child learning and how educators can apply these 6 principles.

December 6|Documentation Ideas|

Having a professional pedagogy which includes the concept that children are capable and competent, provides a foundation for learning and development where educators can provide a unique learning environment for every child. The result of this is empowered children who thrive, with the ability to achieve [...]

Overcoming educational bias as an early years educator

August 12|Documentation Ideas|

What is a bias? A bias is a preference or belief that a person holds to be true.  It is lacking in neutrality and in an educational environment can provide advantage or disadvantage, within any context, for different children.  Bias is closely linked to fairness, prejudice, [...]

40 questions to help develop a survey to evaluate your service

July 24|Documentation Ideas|

Why surveys are a great idea? Getting feedback is essential to know what is being done right and what could be improved. Surveying your parent community could provide useful insights into many areas of your service. Results could even be used to provide evidence, during assessments [...]

Reflective practice for educators

May 13|Documentation Ideas|

Reflective practice is an important part of the documentation process for educators but it is often neglected because of a lack of understanding or confidence about what is required. Reflective practice can be implemented when an educator thinks critically about an event, action or experience to draw [...]

8 ways to motivate educators to document

April 20|Documentation Ideas|

Some educators find documentation to be a laborious process and have difficulty getting motivated to do it. There could be any number of reasons why, but no matter the reason, good documentation is a necessary part of the duties of educators. Here are 8 ways to help motivate educators to complete documentation.

The secret Wu Wei teaching strategy for early childhood educators

February 15|Documentation Ideas|

What is Wu Wei? Wu Wei is an ancient Chinese philosophical concept from Taoism which means “without effort”. It can also be interpreted as action which does not involve struggle or the need to exert force. In an educational context Wu Wei comes with practical experience [...]

Educational Leader: not just a title!

December 24|Documentation Ideas|

What is an Educational Leader? An Educational Leader (EL) is a designated person who will lead the development and implementation of educational programs in the centre. What is the role of an Educational Leader? The EL would be the advocate for developing a vision for child [...]

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