colored ice chalk in a bowl

Ice chalk is a great activity for sensory discovery and fun. Develop creativity, imagination and curiosity with a focus on NQF 4.1 with this easy activity.

Plan Type

Educator Planned


To encourage children to play outside and create temporary artistic pieces.

To expose children to sensory experience with melting, cold & fizzy chalk.

NQF Outcomes

3.2 Children take responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing (not eat ice chalk).

4.1 Children develop dispositions such as creativity, curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination.

Activity Description

This activity requires preparation.

Depending on the age of the children involved, children may be involved in the making process.

Activity may be more suited to summer.

Ice chalk does not draw like regular chalk but it melts into coloured mosaics. Paint brushes may be used to enhance artistic vision!


Add equal amounts of water and cornflour and mix.

Add food colouring or use liquid water based paints.


Fizzy Chalk: Replace some cornflour with baking soda and fill a spray bottle with vinegar.

During play spray the chalk with the vinegar to get it fizzing.


How did the children interact while making the ice chalk?

How did children react when vinegar was added to the ice chalk?

What worked well during this activity?

Was there any requests to do the activity again?

Was there an opportunity to develop a particular child in any of the selected outcome areas?

How could this activity be extended?

How could this activity be improved?

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