Review and approve learning stories to share with parents

Review and approve learning stories to share with parents

Only administrators will be able to review stories which are intended by educators to be shared with parents.  The review process is as follows.

The administrator’s home page will display an alert box (as displayed below) with a count of the number of outstanding learning stories required to be reviewed.

Approval alert

NOTE:  If there are no stories which need to be reviewed this alert box will not be displayed at all.

Only stories which are saved as ‘public’ and ‘published’ will show up in your approval work list.  Any other combination like ‘public’ and  ‘draft’ or ‘published’ and ‘private’ will not go onto your list.

A list of all the uncheck stories will be displayed on the “Unchecked Stories” page.  Each story in the list will have a selection of buttons Approved, Quick Edit, Private and Message, as shown below.

Select approval or not

To check the story and read the entire content click on the title of the story.  This will open a pop over box which will display the entire observation and any linked reflections.

Note:  Reflections are never shared with parents.

Once the story has been sighted by the administrator, the pop over window may be closed and then one of the buttons selected from the unchecked story page for the appropriate story.

Approval of Learning Story
When a story has been checked by an administrator and assessed as appropriate to share with parents of the relevant child or children the administrator clicks the ‘Approved’ (green button).  The observation will then be removed from the approval list and an email will be sent to the parent/parents informing them to login to One Child to view the story.

The story will then be available for relevant parents to view on their child’s page.

Quick Edit:
If there are some changes that need to be made to the story the administrator may make these changes for the educator who completed the story.  Clicking on the quick edit button opens the story to allow editing to occur.  Once the changes have been made, the administrator needs to save the story, as per normal, by clicking on publish.  Then return to the unchecked stories page and approve the story.

The administrator may choose to change the observation from a public story, which would be shared with parents, to a private story which will not be shared.  This would be due to the content of the story. Clicking the private button will save the story as a private observation and remove it from the list.

Changes required
If the administrator would like the authoring educator to make changes to the content of the story, the administrator can alert the educator by sending them a message.

Click the message button.

send message to an educator to make changes

The message will be sent to the educator who authored the story.  The title of the observation which needs amendments is automatically populated into the message body.  Type further instructions under the first line and click ‘send message’.

Upon sending the message the learning story will have it’s status changed to “Change Request’.  The educator will be sent an internal message with the information entered in the previous step.  Further the change request will be indicated in a number of other areas.

Unchecked Stories Page

A new label is added to the story on the Unchecked Stories page (see image below).  This will allow all administrators to see that the story has been reviewed and changes need to be made. Once an educator makes the changes and re publishes the story, the status will be changed to ‘pending’ and the ‘Change request’ label will be removed.

Change request with new change request indicator

Educators Home Page

On the dashboard or home page for the educator an updated count of pending or change requested stories will be seen.

Change request on educators page

Educators Learning Stories Page

The educators learning stories page has a filter where the educator may elect to show only stories with a particular status.  Click on the purple button to show all the stories in which changes need to be made.

filter to show only change request stories

The educator just needs to make the requested changes as per the message and re publish the story.  Re publishing a story will change the status to pending which will be reviewed by the administrator.

If all the changes have been made the story may then be approved.

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