Receiving, Replying and Sending Messages

Receiving, Replying and Sending Messages


One Child has an internal message system.  Educators can send messages to parents and parents may send messages to educators.

When a parent or educator has been sent a message they will receive an email alerting them they have a new message to read.  The email will be sent from hello[at]

Tip: It may be necessary to white list this email address to ensure that emails from One Child do not end up in junk email folders.

If your centre is using the Slack app integration a message will be sent to you through the app.

Email Message:

example email message

After logging into One Child you will notice a count of unread messages will be displayed above the envelope icon in the top bar or the page.

Click on the envelope to view messages.

The next screen which will open is the inbox for your messages.  All messages which you receive will be shown here.

message inbox

To view a message click on the green button ‘View’.

The message will open in a new screen where you will see the entire message displayed.  Notice that the number above the envelope has been removed.  In the case of multiple unread messages a viewed message would reduce the unread messages count by one.

read message

Reply to a Message

To reply to the sender click on the green ‘Reply’ button.  This will open a modal window. Enter your message in the ‘Message Body’ text box.  Click ‘Send’ when you have finished your message and it will be forwarded.

reply to message

When the message is sent you will see the thread of the conversation displayed on the Read Message screen.  The latest message will be the top message in the thread.

reply to message

Any messages which you reply to or send will be listed in the ‘Sent Messages’ screen.  To get to sent messages click on any light grey button which reads ‘Sent Messages’.

sent message

NOTE: When you send a message to someone their name is displayed under the ‘To’ column.  The ‘Read’ column will indicate if the recipient of the message has read the message yet.

Messages are not deleted as they are kept as a conversational record for the centre.

Send a New Message

Parents may send Messages to educators only.

Click on ‘New Message’.

Fill in all the fields to send the message.

  • Select an educator from the list to send the message to.  Multiple persons may be selected.
  • Add a subject for your message
  • Add your message to the ‘Message Body’.
  • Click on ‘Send’ to send the message.

new message form


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