Access all of One Child (upgrade)

Access all of One Child (upgrade)

One Child has one paid plan which has a flat rate paid either yearly or monthly.  For the latest pricing see the Pricing page. The paid plan grants access to all of One Child.

One Child also has a trial period which is free and allows access to all features of One Child for a limited time.  If you have used One Child and cancel your subscription you will converted to restricted access.

How do you know which account type you are on.

If you are on a trial or restricted version your centre will not be paying a monthly or yearly account and there is a red alert box on the dashboard which says your centre is on a trial or restricted access.

free version

How do I upgrade?

Click on the ‘Find out more’ link in the red alert box on the dashboard or navigate to any page in One Child where you do not have access to that type of documentation.  The page which is displayed looks like this.

upgrade one child account

Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the password you use to login into One Child. Tick the box acknowledging payment will be required and click on the green button.

You will be contacted by email to make arrangements for payment with an invoice.


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