Child making a paper plane.Paper planes is a simple activity which enables children to explore ideas while it develops a child’s disposition in various ways. This plan has been developed for curiosity and reflexivity but could be used for other areas of the outcome 4.1 NQF.

Note: names used in this article are for illustrative purposes only.

Plan Type

Educator Planned


Selected children will build upon dispositions in the areas of curiosity and reflexivity as they work together to create and experiment with making and testing a range of paper planes.

NQF Outcomes

4.1 Children develop dispositions such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.

Activity Description

  1. Educators support students in using iPad to google you-tube clips of paper plane competitions.
  2. Children work as a group to determine a joint purpose for the construction paper planes.
  3. Educators support students in using the internet to explore types of paper planes that fit the purpose of construction.
  4. Children select materials from art room suitable for the construction of paper planes.
  5. Children construct and test paper planes.
  6. Educators facilitate student discussion on the successful plane models and provide questions to guide subsequent paper plane construction. As a group student decide which models to adapt.
  7. Children construct new paper planes to refine purpose.
  8. Students use iPad to record their own paper plane competition.


All students’ curiosity was piqued after viewing the initial videos. This curiosity was built upon through exploring the different types of plane construction and testing out their predictions. Jimmy required support when working with the group to respond with appropriate reflexivity during collaborative discussion.

Follow Up

Engage Jimmy in planned, structured pair activities where his skills, when engaging with others, can be built on through modelling.

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