Delete images and media

Delete images and media

To delete images and media that have been uploaded to One Child open the ‘Media Manager’ page by selecting media in the left side menu.

media manager page

All of your centres images are displayed on this page.  Check the box under each image you want to delete.  You may select multiple images to delete at the same time.

delete images checked

Scroll to bottom of the page and click on the big red button ‘Delete Checked Media’.

A warning will be displayed to ensure that you are deleting media which has not been added to any other documentation.  If you are sure that the media you have selected is not used elsewhere you may proceed by clicking the ‘I understand, delete now’ button.

delete images warning

All your selected images will be deleted.  Once images are deleted they cannot be recovered.

If images which are deleted were used in any documentation a ‘Missing Image’ placeholder will replace the missing image when a page is loaded, where possible.

missing image

Sometimes a broken image will be displayed by the browser when we cannot display the missing image placeholder.  When a document is downloaded as a PDF (by clicking on the print icon) and an image has been deleted, the place where the deleted image was will be replaced with an empty box as seen below.

pdf missing image


NOTE: If you are unsure if an image has been used in your centres documentation we recommend not deleting the image and leave it your uploaded media.


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