Add, Edit or Delete Rooms and Program Areas

Add, Edit or Delete Rooms and Program Areas

Only Administrators of a centre can add program areas or rooms. 

There is a distinct difference between Program Areas and Rooms:

Program Areas are places within your centre which remain constant and are associated with learning. For example you may have designated areas such as home corner, construction, art or outside play.  Generally ‘Program Areas’ would  be used by Outside of School Hours (OSHC) centres, but there is no reason that other care centres could not have Program Areas as well as Rooms.

Rooms are generally used by Long Day Care, Preschool or Kindergarten which are based on age and will be individually named possibly as butterflies, caterpillar’s or Toddlers, Juniors etc.

IMPORTANT: Only Rooms can have children linked to them. This is generally only applicable to Long Day Care, Preschool and Kindergarten centres.

How to add a Program Area or Room

  1. Click on Administration in the left menu.
  2. Click on ‘Program Areas’ from the list of dropdown items.

adding rooms or program areas screen shot

Select either ‘Program Area’ or ‘Room’ by clicking on the radio button.

Enter the name of the room and then click the green button ‘+Add Area\Room’

New Program Areas will be listed below the ‘Program Area Manager’ heading.

New Rooms will be added below the ‘Room Manager’ heading.

Editing the name of a Room or Program Area

To edit the name of a room click on blue ‘Edit Area’ button adjacent to the area you want to edit.  A modal entry form will open.  Change the name and click on the green button ‘Update area name’.

edit room or area name modal

Deleting a Room or Program Area

To delete the room click on the red ‘Delete Area’ button.

delete room

Click ‘Yes, delete it’ to delete the room\area and it will be removed from the list.


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